About Us

This spectacular, red carpet evening will distinguish inspirational, established individuals from Milton Keynes, and surrounding areas, giving them the recognition they greatly deserve. Anyone in and around Milton Keynes can be nominated for an award by the general public.

Want to Nominate An Individual Or Organization

How the awards work

Stage 1: Nomination

Nominations begins on the 26th of December 2021 – 30th of April 2022. You will be able to cast your nomination on our website, Facebook or Twitter, our system will then calculate the top 6 most popular nominees per category in which they will be placed into the final.

Stage 2: Finalist

Once in the final, all finalist will be vetted and judged by our careful selected committee consisting of 6 influential individuals and businesses who are not associated to any finalists. This gives a more far result.
A few categories will go through a voting process on our website which are:
Business category – Music – Sports – Acting – Education
These will be voted by the public. The rest of the categories will be vetted and judged by our committee.

Stage 3: Awards ceremony

All finalists , friends and family will be invited to attend the awards ceremony on the 25th of June at the Atesh bar & grill , here they will find out if they have won an award. The night will consists of awards, food and live entertainment all night long.